About Us

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About us

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For so many years places like Africa, South America, India, and some countries in the Middle East have been suffering from power outages. These power outages occur due to diverse reasons like load shedding, and bad weather conditions.

Daily basic activities like cooking, reading, working and even family time are interrupted negatively when power outages occur. People are forced to struggle through their day without knowledge of when the power would be restored. The power outages can last for as long as hours, days, and in extreme conditions months!

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To curb the negative impact of the power outages, dangerous solutions like fire sticks, candles, and fire lamps are used. This exposes users to fire hazards and unmanageable accidents, all of which can be avoided with the use of solar solutions.

These countries in Africa, South America, The Middle East, and India are blessed with an abundance of sunlight. For example, India has an average of 4-7kWh/m2 and about 2000 hours of sunlight per year. This is the same, and even more for countries in Africa, South America, and The Middle East. The power of the sun is yet to be fully harnessed, solar power in these countries is still underutilized but in our own little way, we are here to change that.

Bearing in mind the discomfort and stress that comes with power outages, Our Solar Life focuses on designing and creating lasting and affordable Solar solutions for places that are constantly affected.

Our Solar-powered Lights provide energy enough for daily home activities to carry on when the power goes out. With our advanced technology, we transform basic outdoor and indoor lights into smart solar-powered lights.

From waterproof lights to motion sensor LED lights, we are determined to make all the difference in affected countries. We thrive on excellence and quality, to produce products that serve timelessly.



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Living without energy and power

Can be very discomforting and stressful, that’s why Our Solar Life is here! Regardless of the cause of your power outages, Our Solar Life has all the products you need to stay safe and carry on with your life when the power goes out.

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The Problem

Power outages happen for several reasons from load shedding to bad weather conditions. We understand that your daily activities are affected negatively and you become more prone to hazardous accidents when there’s a power outage.

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Our Solution

There’s no need to be totally dependent on electric energy anymore with our quality affordable Solar powered lighting solution.
We want you to be the house on the block with bright and sustainable lights when the power goes out.
Our products are of high quality, very affordable, and sustainable enough for home and industrial area use.
Check out our diverse modern affordable Solar Products
Motion sensor lights
LED Lights
Sustainable Light

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Let’s Contact Us

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